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Rising Storm Released – Release Trailer!

by on Thursday, May 30, 2013, under News

Today, Tripwire Interactive and the Rising Storm Team are delighted to announce the release of Rising Storm, the next game in the award-winning Red Orchestra franchise. Rising Storm is a complete new multi-player game, focusing on the fighting in the Pacific Theater of WWII, with the US Army and Marine Corps taking on the Imperial Japanese Army. To celebrate the launch we’ve put together an amazing new launch trailer for the game (Click HERE for 1080P version on Vimeo), so be sure to check that out as well!

On top of the basic features, there is Tripwire Interactive’s support for the customer: apart from an ongoing 25% discount for all those who already own RO2, there are update packs already in the works, which will add more free content to your games!

Rising Storm is now available NOW on Steam (Rising Storm store page) as well as other major digital outlets!

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Rising Storm (and SDK) Preload Available!

by on Wednesday, May 29, 2013, under News

With Rising Storm releasing tomorrow (Thursday, May 30, 2013) the game is now available for all those who have pre-purchased (as well as all those who currently own just RO2) to pre-load. This will allow you to download the game early and start playing as soon as servers update with the released version of the game tomorrow. The SDK will also be available for pre-load the same way, which is:

  1. Right-click on your current “Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad” install (or RO2 SDK install) in your Steam library.
  2. Select “Properties” – “Betas” tab.
  3. Use the “Select the Beta…” dropdown box – select “Preload”
  4. “Close” – and your current RO2 (or SDK) install will update with the new Rising Storm content.

Please note – we will be closing down the beta a few hours before the release of Rising Storm tomorrow.

Good luck, have fun, see you on the battlefield!

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Rising Storm Release Date: May 30, 2013

by on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, under News



Well, everyone has wanted to know the release date – and now you do! This Thursday – May 30, 2013. Just 2 days to go – just 2 days of the 15% pre-purchase discount, so if you haven’t bought a copy yet, get in there and buy on the Steam Store Page!

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The Guns of Rising Storm. Part One.

by on Friday, May 24, 2013, under News

A little something else to keep people busy and occupied. When you aren’t playing in the Rising Storm Beta, then why not take a look at some of the guns in the game… first off, some Japanese weapons:

Or even:

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For the weekend: Rising Storm Beta Gift Passes

by on Thursday, May 23, 2013, under News

As a little surprise, we’ve arranged for a little extra hand-out: everyone who owns Rising Storm should now get two Rising Storm Beta copies to Gift to a friend or two. So, if you’ve pre-purchased Rising Storm, you can now hand out these gift beta keys, so your friends have no excuse for not trying it out with you. You can always show them the joys of the Flamethrower and the Banzai Charge – “just come at me while I’m holding this Flamethrower…”. Go on – you know you want to!

To summarize: everyone who owns Rising Storm should now have a pair of Rising Storm Beta Keys to gift to friends. You may need to restart Steam to pick them up – then you can just Gift them to a couple of friends. Just remember – these are BETA keys – and they won’t stay around for long!

And if you haven’t already bought the game, head for the Steam Store page.

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