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Live Q and A with John and Alan during the Final Round of the Scorched Earth Finals

by on Friday, March 23, 2012, under News

The final match of the last round of the Scorched Earth Tournament match is happening this Sunday, March 25th, at 20:00 CET/15:00 EST. Once again, fans can tune in HERE to watch it live. Between rounds during the match (as well as before and after) John and Alan will be fielding questions from the community posted here in our forums. So mark off your calendars today, and get your questions in now!

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What We Are Up To – Feedback and Tweaking

by on Wednesday, March 21, 2012, under News

Hello everyone, welcome back to a new edition of the “What We Are Up To” series of posts. As most of you have noticed RO Classic went out in the last beta update along with even more refinements to the game, and we are not done yet. We have further upcoming refinements, Multiplayer campaign and more in store for the future. Read on to find out the details.

While there are still more refinements and changes that have not yet made it into the beta, we are watching player reaction to what is currently available with a keen eye. For those who haven’t yet had a chance, grab the beta from steam and participate in the beta forums. All the current changes can be found here in the stickies, with the community discussion following up in the feedback section. Remember we are looking at all the game modes for tweaks (normal, realistic and classic), so join the discussion today! They next update will include several tweaks based off this feedback, more refinements, and most likely Multiplayer Campaign.

Those who remember the initial posts about the beta and what would be going into it know that the next/last BIG thing coming will be Multiplayer Campaign mode. This mode will allow server admins to turn their server into a grand campaign for the city of Stalingrad. When joining, each player will pick a team and head to the front. When the campaign starts (with both sides having the territories split equally between them), a team will be randomly selected to have the initiative and choose where they want to start the attack. As each battle plays out the teams will expend manpower for land, and regain some between battles depending on how much territory they control. The first team to control all territories or force the other team to expend all of its manpower will win the day.

Last, but not least in this edition of “What We Are Up To” is talking a bit about the future. The beta has be going nicely and that means we are getting much closer to getting the things in out in the main build. Depending on how fast things come together it will come out in one of two fashions. Sooner: There will be a large patch with most if not all the content. Later: Things will be rolled out in smaller (but still fairly large) chunks of content over time as things are completed, put into beta and pushed out. There are also several grand plans we are discussing (you might want to start digging into the SDK!), but we have nothing to announce just yet.

Speaking of working with the community, we have one final thing to announce today, the new Tripwire Interactive Wiki. While it is currently in a bare bones state, we will be working with the community to fill it with content. We hope for it to server as a general Knowledge Base for both players and modders for all of our titles. We’ll be working on getting modding information from across the forums into the wiki over the coming days and weeks as well (unless you beat us to it!). Have a great week everyone and make sure to join the beta!

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Watch the Final Round of the Scorched Earth Tournament Live

by on Sunday, March 18, 2012, under News

The final round of the Scorched Earth Tournament is getting underway. Tune in HERE to watch it live. As the match goes on, John Gibson will be fielding questions from the commentators about the game and its future (along with all things Tripwire). So don’t delay and head on over now!

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$12,000 Scorched Earth Clan Tournament Finals!

by on Friday, March 16, 2012, under News

Forgotten Honor together with Tripwire Interactive are happy to announce that our Red Orchestra 2 knockout tournament “Scorched Earth” has reached its international finals. The two finalists have battled through 5 phases over the last 3 months, including 64 clans from across the world, to make it to the Grand Final. And, with $12,000 in cash prizes at stake, as well as personal honor, the competition has been ferociously fought out to get to the final two – DoublePenetration for Europe and Team Chaos for the USA.

The finals will be played in two legs – one on a US server, the other on a European server. The first (US) one takes place this coming Sunday, 18th March, at 3pm Eastern/8pm Central European and can be viewed LIVE through Livestream (details can be found here: ), with commentary provided by Sam Reese of Crosshairs fame and John (Rammjaeger) Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive.

For more details on the contest, including the dates and the lists of the participants, head for the Scorched Earth web page at:

Servers provided by NFO Servers ( for the USA and Gaming Deluxe ( for Europe.

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Alan Wilson talks Killing Floor, Red Orchestra and Rising Storm

by on Friday, March 2, 2012, under News had a chance to do a voice interview with our Vice President Alan this past week. They’ve gone ahead and posted the entire 30 minute interview online here. Alan covers upcoming plans for Killing Floor, Red Orchestra 2, and Rising Storm (and even some hints at potential future announcements). So make sure to give it a listen.

Killing Floor kicks it off, Red Orchestra starts in at about 7 minutes, and Rising Storm around the 20 minute mark for those looking for a specific topic. Be sure to let us know what excites you the most by joining the conversation in our forums.

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