Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad

Mapping Contest Results and Interviews

by on Monday, February 25, 2013, under News

Finally, finally, we have the results of the RO2 Mapping Contest! It took a LOT of deliberation and some heated debates here in the office – no doubt it will kick off more debate on the forums! Here are the headlines:

Grand Prize Winner: Danh Truong’s Winterwald, winning $5,000 and a serious Origin Laptop, engraved with RO2 artwork.

Best Original Level:

1. Winterwald by Danh Truong, winning $5,000
2. Bridges of Druzhina by Kieran Tobin, winning $2,500
3. Coldsteel by Johan van Pelt – wins $1,000

Best Remake:

1. Gumrak Station by Maik Doktor, winning $5,000
2. Stalingrad Kessel by Florian Montaut, winning $2,500
3. We actually had a tie for third place, so we doubled up the prize:
Arad 2 by John Chalabi, winning $1,000 AND
Rakowice by Johan van Pelt, winning $1,000!

We had Dan Shannon chat to all the winners. For the results of those interviews, CLICK HERE

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