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“Counterattack” Mapping Contest for RO2

by on Thursday, June 14, 2012, under News

And, keeping up the pressure on RO2 activity, we are happy to announce our first major mapping contest for the game. Prizes from Origin PC, Nvidia, Intel and Logitech – plus $30,000 in cash prizes from ourselves. For the details, see the competition web page:

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TWI Ladder Coming Soon!

by on Wednesday, June 13, 2012, under News

We are pleased to announce that Tripwire Interactive is starting up our own ladder for competitive play on our own games. This will focus initially on RO2. The ladder will be sponsored by us, staffed by volunteers. The initial web page is up – see HERE. We’ve also set up a new section in the forums for the ladder, HERE.

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Red Orchestra 2 Price Drop and Guest Passes For Your Friends!

by on Friday, June 8, 2012, under News

With the success of the recent free weekend on Steam and lots of new players enjoying the Red Orchestra 2 Game of the Year Edition, we’ve decided to do a couple of things to make it even easier to get into the game. First, we have decided to cut the price in half to $19.99 (14.99 GBP/17.99 EUR/299 RUB) for the game. Second, we’re giving everyone that owns Red Orchestra 2 a guest pass that they can hand off to a friend for them to check out the game free of charge.

This is the game that won PC Gamer’s “Multiplayer FPS of the Year” and has recently been updated with new game modes, a new map, a wide range of gameplay refinements and performance improvements – all for free to everyone who owns the game. Tripwire Interactive is committed to supporting our games with free additional content for many years after initial release and Red Orchestra 2 is no exception to that rule! There is more content already in the works for the game, as well as a new add-on for the game: Rising Storm, that will bring the Pacific Theater alive for Red Orchestra 2 players.

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