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Red Orchestra 2 Beta

by on Monday, February 27, 2012, under News

Three weeks ago we started a campaign of information dealing with upcoming (often work in progress) changes coming to Red Orchestra 2. We have covered the additions of RO Classic and Multiplayer Campaign, the new map Mamayev, and upcoming refinements to the game. This is all culminating in the reopening of the Red Orchestra 2 Beta for all players to help us test and give feedback on these changes and additions!

Below you will find the initial list of changes going into the beta:

New Content

  • New to the beta is Mamayev Kurgen which is a map taking place on the famously contested hill overlooking Stalingrad. This work-in-progress map features long range combat not previously seen in other RO2 levels!


  • Improved lockdown system. Lockdown now starts if the attacking team has not initiated a capture in 5 minutes or has not captured any objective in 7 minutes. There are new sound and visual indications when Lockdown has been initiated.
  • Improved overtime system. Overtime has been added to territory maps. If the attackers are still actively capping an objective the round will no longer end.
  • Improved spawn protection. When entering spawn protection there is a more obvious warning as well as a countdown timer similar to leaving the map boundary.
  • (Work in progress) Refinements to spawn on squad leader. The UI has been improved to make it more obvious where you’ll be spawning. Additionally if you fail to spawn on your squad leader you will receive an error message, as will your squad leader.
  • In realism mode shooting players in the legs/feet will slow them down for a short time
  • The effects of bullet whizzes have been significantly magnified
  • Refined player damage model. Now in realism mode hitzones can always take damage no matter how much damage they have already taken (before non-lethal hit zones could become invulnerable and no longer take damage). In standard mode bandaging hit zones restores the health of the hitzone, but not the player’s overall health. In this way after bandaging players will take damage on the bandaged hitzone again (before they would never take damage on that hitzone again).
  • In realism mode bandaging now takes twice as long


  • Improved MG weapon collision detection when deployed on cover. This is most noticeable when deployed in windows.
  • The MG34 now has wider limits when deployed similar to the DP28
  • The radius that players will get bullet whizzes sounds and suppression has been significantly magnified. Additionally, the volume of bullet hit impacts and bullet whizzes has been greatly increased.


  • Split assault role in ‘Assault’ and ‘Elite Assault’ Only the elite assault role gets the MkB/AVT. The first time you play any existing assault xp will be copied/duplicated to elite assault.
  • Removed mini objective overview from the hud in realism mode
  • In the class select menu enemy weapon unlocks are now added to the bottom of the list instead of the top
  • Fixed the player damage hud not displaying damage resulting from bleeding. Also, fixed several hit zones not displaying any damage (lower left leg, left foot, groin)
  • Hitzone damage indicators now scale from Yellow (0-33% damaged), Orange (33-66% damaged), Red (Greater than 66% damaged)
  • A tooltip has been added to the team select menu to show what players are currently on that team.
  • Added North indicator to the minimap/compass.
  • Fixed a bug where certain types of hits weren’t counting toward the accuracy stats, giving inaccurate weapon accuracy stats.

Other Changes

  • Optimizations to dynamic shadows
  • Fixed black skybox on older NVidia cards
  • Fixed camera floating above the player when killed from prone
  • Changes have been made to TE-CommissarsHouse spawns to help balance the map

Known Issues

  • Some veteran level weapon unlocks are unlocking at raw recruit.

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Meet Mamayev

by on Tuesday, February 14, 2012, under News

Set on the outskirts of Stalingrad, Mamayev was a strongly contested high ground that both sides vied to maintain control over. The belief was that the side that held the hill could control all the rest of the city. The Soviets dug in with trenches, bunkers, barbed wire and mine fields before the battle began. By the end of the battle of Stalingrad, after trading sides numerous times, the hill was mostly flattened and no grass would grow on its lead poisoned ground.

Mamayev is an infantry only map featuring combat between trenches and bunkers one hundred and fifty to two hundred meters apart. It is designed to meet the needs of those looking for extended range rifle combat, truly separating the riflemen from the boys. Those skilled with the rifle and holding the high ground will be able to find their targets even further away, with the current office record stands at a 411 meter head shot delivered via sniper rifle. For players who enjoy a more up close and personal fight, they will be spending time finding their way through the twisted corridors of the bunkers built into the hill searching for those laying in ambush (or lying in said ambush themselves).

Keep in mind that this map is still hand the hands of the level design team, working on how it plays, and has yet to be art passed. With the fact that what you are about to see is still a WIP (work in progress) version of the map, we are proud to reveal the first out of office shots of Mamayev!

Players will soon be able to take to the slopes of this battlefield as the RO 2 beta rolls out again.

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Keeping the fans in the loop

by on Friday, February 10, 2012, under News

Now that we’ve given you a first look at our plans for “RO Classic” we would like to fill the community in on what we have in the works for the coming months for RO2. First we would like to talk about how we’ll be handling the PR and the development of the updates that we are working on. Traditionally we’ve worked like a typical game studio slaving away for months on a cool update which we would reveal to the press and the community close to the release date when it is almost finished. This is a great way to get press attention and spread news about the update to the broader gaming world. Unfortunately, it also has the side effect of the community not knowing what we are working on, and being unable to have their feedback incorporated into the update BEFORE the release. So with that in mind we’ve decided to do an experiment involving our community of Red Orchestra fans that will be a much more collaborative process of development and PR.

What this means is that first we are switching up to a very open PR style, pushing lots of information out for you and seeking feedback from you all, much as we did back in the Red Orchestra mod days. This is to make sure players are more aware of upcoming changes and means you get to see stuff while it is still work in progress (WIP). We’ll also be running a Beta open to anyone that owns RO2 that we’ll be using to push out these new features and improvements early on in the development process. We’ll tell you what we have in mind, show it to you as it comes together and let you try it out early in development, so that we can get good feedback, when we still have time to react to it. Of course, showing you things that early means that they are definitely subject to change too – from your feedback and from our own. It also means you will get to see things in the beta that are very early in development and potentially incomplete. So don’t be surprised if you jump into a map in the beta that isn’t pretty, or try a new feature that isn’t balanced or complete. You’ll get to see that map or feature come together, and participate in the process.

So, here is the “big picture”. We’ve got a big update coming for the game, with a lot of content. We’ll fill you in on the details over the coming days. That will lead us pretty much straight up to all the pieces of that update being pushed into the open Beta, so that everyone can get a look and try them out, while they are still in development. Bug fixes, optimizations, and refinements will be brought over from the Beta to the live game as soon as they are ready. Major new features will be pulled together into that one big update for you. The key elements of the update include (and we’ll push out lots of details on all these over the next few days):

  • Multiplayer Campaign Mode
  • We’ll have a complete new map for you
  • “RO Classic”, that we’ve already talked about
  • Major refinements to existing gameplay systems to improve the gameplay balance and fun as well as to incorporate player feedback (systems such as Lockdown, Player Damage, and more are being refined)
  • And, of course, we’ll continue fixing bugs that we (or you) find and making optimizations to the game

So, stay tuned over the next few days as we look to give you more detail on all of this! And watch for announcements as features roll out into the Beta for you to try out and feedback on.

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PC Gamer MP Game of the Year: Red Orchestra 2!

by on Wednesday, February 8, 2012, under News

Well, we knew we were good… after making the PC Gamer Top 100 Games of all time, we now have Red Orchestra 2 in as PC Gamer’s “First-Person Shooter of the Year (Multiplayer)”. Read about it over on the PC Gamer website: HERE. We’re happy about it, to say the least!

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Scorched Earth Tournament – Division Finals – Broadcast LIVE!

by on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, under News

The Scorched Earth Tournament for RO2 has the final 4 teams closing in on the big prize money – a total of $12,000. With the Superbowl out of the way, this week we have the divisional play-offs for Scorched Earth, to find the best team in Europe and the best in North America. The two winning teams will progress to the grand final for the shot at the World Title and the big cash prize!

First up, on Wed 8th Feb, at 8pm in the UK [9pm Central European, 3pm Eastern], is the European Division Championship match where Enclave face off against DoublePenetration. Both teams have put out some old favorites, so we’ll see which of them makes it to the World Championship match!

And, following up on Sun 12th Feb, at 9pm Eastern [6pm Pacific, in the wee small hours of Friday morning in Europe], we have the North American Division Championship. Team Chaos take on Hardcore North America for the title – and their own shot at the big prize.

The matches will be broadcast live (with a small delay just in case anyone needs to bleep out a nipple slip, or stray middle finger). Details HERE: And the hashtag for the twitter conversation will be #fhscorchedearth. Get tweeting!

Get out there and support your team – the hono(u)r of whole cultures is at stake here! Along with $12,000…

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