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by on Thursday, July 29, 2010, under News

To answer the questions lurking on the forums: yes, Tripwire will be attending a number of shows over the next couple of months, showing new material. The schedule looks like this:

16-22 August, Cologne - GDC Europe/Gamescom: some of the team will be flying over for this one. We’ll be showing Heroes on the 1C stand, as well as chatting about Rising Storm. There will also be material on The Ball – and another venture or two that we haven’t announced yet! The 1C booth is in Hall 4.2 - booth #18, Aisle B.

3-5 September, Seattle – PAX West: some more of us will be over on the west coast for PAX. This time we will have our own booth (#3646) where we will be showing Heroes as well as letting people get hands on with The Ball – and possibly some other games, too. No doubt there will be a few giveaways for good measure! Sam Hulick will also be at the show with us.

30 September–3 October, Atlanta – SIEGE: this is our home show, which we co-sponsor. The whole studio will most likely be there during the show. We’ll be doing some speaking and panels – and providing a free lunch!

4-7 November, Moscow – Igromir: plans not yet finalized, but we are hoping to pop over for Igromir in Moscow to round off 2010!

So, if you are in the relevant area for any of those shows, come and see us!

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Meet the Rising Storm Level Design Team!

by on Thursday, July 8, 2010, under News

Time to meet the team: Rising Storm has assembled its Level Design team, with a number of well-known names from the RO community, plus some new ones. You know the names – and over at the Rising Storm website, you can get to know the face too: CLICK HERE!

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All Tripwire Interactive Titles 50% off!

by on Friday, June 25, 2010, under News

For the remainder of the Summer Sale, all Tripwire Interactive titles can be had for 50% the normal retail price. Be sure to pick up anything you need from HERE.

This includes the Killing Floor DLC packages.

BigDownload Interview

by on Friday, June 18, 2010, under News

Our old friend John Callaham, now over at Big Download, scored a quick interview off us recently – just been posted up there as part of their E3 coverage. So, click HERE to read it…

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Composer Sam Hulick Chosen as Heroes of Stalingrad’s Maestro

by on Thursday, June 10, 2010, under News

10th June 2010, Roswell, GA: Tripwire Interactive is proud to announce that composer Sam Hulick has signed on to create the soundtrack for Heroes of Stalingrad, the sequel to Tripwire Interactive’s Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Sam is best known to gamers for his work on the award-winning Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 soundtracks. Sam will now be bringing his world-class talent for evocative and haunting music to setting the mood for one of the most brutal battles in all of human history – the battle for Stalingrad.

“For Heroes of Stalingrad our goal was to create a soundtrack that was fresh and different than the standard bombastic music usually heard in this genre,” said John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive. “Not only did Sam do this, but we were also blown away at how well he was able to nail the feeling of desperation and defiance that the soldiers in this battle would have felt.”

Heroes of Stalingrad will feature a unique dynamic music system that will adapt the emotional mood of the soundtrack to match the morale of the player based on the flow of the battle. To highlight the differences between the two warring powers the game will feature a completely unique soundtrack for the Russian and German sides.

An early version of the main theme music is now available in a video set to a montage of the latest screenshots from the game here:

Tripwire Interactive’s YouTube channel

Keep up to date with the latest development news feeds for Heroes of Stalingrad by following the official Steam game group here:

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