Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad

Tripwire helps the Tank Museum go Virtual

by on Monday, April 19, 2010, under News

The Royal Armoured Corps Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset has been the single most important source of reference for the Tripwire team over the years we have been creating tank models for our games. Following on from the dramatic rebuild of the museum over the last 2-3 years, the Tank Museum are also working on bringing a virtual museum online, via their website ( This will eventually feature all of the vehicles now on show in the new hall and will allow visitors to the website (and the museum) to view the vehicles from every angle, including some of the interiors.

To do this, of course, they need the models. We can provide them with a good start from the models from Ostfront. We are looking to the RO mod teams, the community and to modelers in general to fill the gaps. The original Ostfront models are obviously a great start, but they will be looking to use much higher poly counts as they develop the virtual museum - these don’t have to be drivable in a  game!

So, if anyone has suitable models they are willing to donate to the museum, it would be greatly appreciated. If some of them don’t exist, we hope that some of you would like to create them! The Tank Museum will provide all the reference material you might need, from the actual vehicles themselves, as well as from plans in the museum’s archives. In return for donating models, the museum can obviously credit the relevant modelers and is offering free entrance to the museum for you as a little thank you. The museum is a registered charity in the UK, which may even allow some of you to claim any donations as deductions off your local tax authorities, which never hurts!

If everyone interested would like to register that interest and discuss, please head for our forums (CLICK HERE) and we can get organized! The full list of required vehicle models (CLICK HERE), formats and everything else will be made available as we go, including updates as to which ones are done and which are still needed.

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